Who We Are

About Arelkay Nigeria Limited

ARELKAY Nigeria Limited was incorporated on 23rd August 2016 for two major reasons:

1) In response to the aspiration of the Nigerian government to develop the Nigerian economy by promoting non-oil export and
2) To join the crop of Nigerians who do business without cutting corners despite all odds trusting that with time, others will see that this indeed is the right way and will follow suit.

Initial focus is to export agricultural produce for which there is a ready market outside Nigeria. To forestall possible scarcity incountry due to export, it is planned to encourage / embark upon farming of exported produce.

It is recognized that export of processed products will bring increased benefit to the Nigerian economy, hence, special effort will be made to review feasibility of processing of agricultural produce to global quality standards, especially for produce that currently waste away due to challenges of proper transportation/preservation/processing.

Our Vision

To be a reputable Nigerian organisation doing business profitably with integrity.

Core Values

Compliance with all relevant laws/regulations.

  • – Actively seek to know applicable laws/regulations/permits before commencement of any line of business.
  • – Keep abreast of new requirements.


Fairness to All.

  • – Doing business responsibly.
  • – No harm to people, no adverse effect to environment.
  • – Respect of others


Worthwhile/beneficial use of resources.

  • – Prepare business plan for every line of business, demonstrate profitability, describe exit strategy
  • – Minimize/eliminate wastage of ever resource – time, effort, agricultural produce etc.
  • – Continuous improvement.